Tap on Valcores vast experience in PLM Projects.

Here is a short overview of previous projects.

2014: Stadler Rail AG, Switzerland

This customer implemented Teamcenter Systems Engineering to manage customer- and authority requirements for their product. The implementation provides the management of the requirements and the linking of proving documentation to these requirements.

The task in this project has been twofold:

  1. As Solution Architect discussed the requirements with the customer and converged these requirements to a Teamcenter solution fitting these requirements. This process involved POCs, demos, the creation of functional specifications. Estimating efforts and, planning, executing and tracking of the activities of actual implementation followed the initial design phase.
  2. Software Development was done off-shore in this project. At first Cytrus and later Valcore provided this off-shore development to the project. The second part of the task was to interface with the offshore development, discussing the technical specifications, plan and steer and the development effort. In this role, we managed to provide a close-loop, efficient development cycle to the project, meeting deadlines and costs each time.

2013: Airlight Energy, Switzerland

End-to-end implementation of Teamcenter CAD data management with NX.

With an out-of-the box setup of NX and Teamcenter we managed to implement the solution with a minimum of effort.

2012: PLM Project Manager for Siemens PLM Software

Responsible for the planning of Siemens PLM Software resources in a Mechatronics PLM project at an international company.

In parallel, the assignment encompassed business requirement gathering.

2010 – 2011: PLM Program management in Alstom Power

For one and a half years managed one of the PLM and CAD programs in Alstom Power, with about 900 active CAD and PLM users. During this period a major step forward was made in the management of Manufacturing data, further streamlining the design-to-manufacturing process. In addition, major steps were made towards a new Teamcenter architecture and in the implementation of a global key-user concept, further strengthening the governance model.

2007- 2009: Nissan, Tokyo area, Japan

Nissan moved from an I-deas CAD and Teamcenter Enterprise PDM environment to a NX CAD and Teamcenter Unified Architecture PDM environment. This mega-project was executed by the Nissan Program Office (NPO) and was divided in four main domains:

  • CAD Migration
  • PDM Migration
  • Training
  • Support

In total more than 60 Siemens PLM employees and partners were working on-site at NPO. An equal number of people were working off-shore from India and the US.

Sub-domain leader in the PDM domain with responsibility over two major sub-domains:

  1. Global Multi Site (GMS), which had as task to implement the data exchange between Teamcenter Enterprise and Teamcenter Unified.
  2. Supplier Exchange, in which the data exchange between Nissan and the Suppliers was implemented.

The work in these two sub-domains was executed by a team consisting of people on-site and off-shore. As sub-domain lead, provided technical leadership, guidance and coaching to the team members and was responsible for the activity and resource planning.

On average, there were the equivalent of 12 full time people working in the team.

Technical responsibilities included:

  • Technical design
  • Technical implementation, partially with on-site resources and partially with off-shore resources
  • Coordination with Siemens Product development
  • Siemens Testing
  • Customer test environment deployment
  • Support for customer test activity
  • Production deployment
  • Third line production support

2006: Bosch-Siemens Haushalt (B/S/H/), Munich area, Germany

B/S/H/ implemented Teamcenter Engineering’s Platform Designer to manage the early design phase of their consumer electronics products. During this early design phase the architecture and variability of the product is established.

Responsibilities in the implementation project of Platform Designer included:

  • Solution design based on customer specification
  • Specification of customization
  • Technical coordination with offshore development team in India for customization development
  • Technical coordination with UGS development team for core enhancements of Platform Designer
  • Initial solution testing
  • Customer training of core team
  • Organization and guidance for customer testing
  • Proposal creation of production rollout plan

August 2005 to November 2005: Turkish Aerospace Industries, Ankara area, Turkey

At Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) worked on a solution to manage the as-built configuration of airplanes.

Role in the project was Solution design based on customer specification. The technical solution included Variant Management, As-Built product structure management, Interfaces to Production Management System.

April 2005 to July 2005: Alstom Power, Switzerland

Alstom Power started with the implementation of Teamcenter Engineering in 2005. In the project for the initial rollout, held responsibility for:

  • Solution design based on customer specifications
  • Solution implementation, including configuration and customization

Technical aspects of the solution included Workflow and Data Access, ITK development, CatiaManager integration and Multisite.


Other PLM projects (2000-2005), Italy

  • SIPA (2003-2005). Responsible for the technical specifications and the implementation of Teamcenter Engineering at SIPA. This included:
    • Teamcenter Engineering Basics, Classification, Workflow, Data access, Multiple product structure views, Multi site (Distributed Teamcenter Engineering), Visualization, Connection to ERP
    • ITK development and Java portal customization
    • Cad integration with NX and SolidEdge
  • FIAT Auto (2002). Platform support for the first combined FIAT-Opel platform. The main task was supporting the users but also included an advisory role on work methods about release procedure and data exchange.
  • Nuovo Pignione (2001). Worked on CAD import and UG/Manager integration.